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Episode 72 · 1 month ago

Presents: Baby, This is Keke Palmer


Keke Palmer has questions for days about everything under the sun. From the existential to the inconsequential. From pop culture to pop science. From the meaning of life to the meaning of W.A.P. From life in outer space to “Where is Tom from MySpace?“ And everything in between. Because Baby, this is Keke Palmer; she is here for all of it!

Each week, the multi-talented Keke takes you down the rabbit hole on a topic she cannot stop obsessing over. She’ll also get deep with special guests, trying to answer the questions that keep us up at night.

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Hey, my name is Eric Zachary, one of the hosts of the Spout podcast. First and foremost want to make sure you've got a chance to listen to and hopefully enjoyed our latest episode with Halsey that came out yesterday. And I find that that's really common with art, is that like you are more inclined to write about the negative or like the challenging, or the scary or the bad, because like those are the things you have to get out, but the good you want to hold onto it. On the way McLamore talking with my boy Nick Major, and then myself are Zachary talking with Louie Tomlinson. Sometimes if you go on like a right income, you might be staying for like two three days in a house and it means that you can write freely and when you want to. So because of that, it means the rioting feels more authentic because you're not kind of searching for it and you need to find the song. In these six hours, do you know what I mean? You've got time to really kind of develop those thoughts. If you have not done so yet, first of all, let's pretend that you have. Then you can just go do it. We can keep that on our...

...little secret, but turn on the notification icon the little bell that way, you know the moment, instant second that we release a new episode. Also, make sure you're following along on social media. Spout Podcast view clips from all of our episodes, as well as Spout Podcast on YouTube. You can see full episodes there as well. And while we're waiting for that next spot Podcast episode to drop, I want to tell you about this hilarious brand new podcast Baby. This is Kicky Palmer. Now, if you didn't already know, Kiki is a former child star and Emmy Award winning actors and any goes to Palmer, singer, producer, and like myself, a virgo gez most beloved celebrity game show Its back with Jimmy Fallon Hey brand new host Kick Palmer Wait to Play. She's a lot of burning questions that keep her up at night, for instance, and and primarily remember Tom from my Space, that one guy with the smile and a little shirt and on the white board behind him, whatever happened to him? So she's putting friends, family, and...

...some of the dopest experts in the hot seat to find out the real questions. We want to know, like, is only fans only bad? How his dating changed in the digital age? Where would former child stars be if they weren't actors? And this doesn't even scratch the surface of the questions running through Kiki's mind. But she's letting us in on all of it because on Baby This is Kekei Palmer, no topic is off limits. You don't have to take our word for it. Though. Let's play clip right now instantly show you how good this podcast is. While you're listening. Make sure to follow along on the Amazon Music exclusive podcast Baby This is Kicky Palmer in the Amazon Music app that love the app today. Now, Hi, y'all, don't ask me this, but I will definitely, you know, let this out. So I dated someone and I found out that someone that they dated was the only fans. I want to see what mama was working with? That was my only talentally kind, I was like, is how great is she? You know, like, how you know how to work at this...

...moment and day? Okay? So you so you're checking out the X I was checking out the Axel home. Okay, So now what was that? How did you think when you went? She was very sexy? It was a bad decisse. I was impressed. It was a bad decision for me. I didn't learn anything, you know, because I didn't get the exclusive content. But I'm sure if I had did a little extra, I could have gotten exclusive. But she was very adorable. It was it was a sad day. I think that's when you do too much to chase after the X because they are at X for a reason exactly. And it wasn't because of her body. Okay, I must be in her mind because she was hot, I know. Okay, So I'll tell you guys what I like about only fans is so first of all, when I went to Amsterdam, obviously we all know this about Amsterdam red light district. Um and I don't know if if I'm using the proper term, if they say sex workers or what anybody that does sexually explicit content or that's how they make their money. I always felt, dang, why can't Why is that such a difficult thing in America? Why does it? Why is it so unsafe and so hard...

...for people to be If this is the kind of content people want, this kind of content, why can't we have a system that supports them to be able to do it? Safely. Um So for me, I like it, you know, because Only Fans is like a very exclusive pimp, and I really feel like it's safe. I just like it's safe. So I love that because that's something that always was I was always curious about. I ask a lot of questions about a lot of stuff. I'm like, well, if it's okay here, why isn't okay there? So I like Only Fans for being able to create a safe way for these type of content creators to be able to do their content and make their money directly where they don't have to cut it too much with the middleman and all this other stuff. So that's what I like that you're saying porn or any other porn side. I mean, that's the site that makes money, and especially with the more amateur the that's money. How does make money? I don't nothing. I don't have nothing free. I look for free, like free, poor. I don't pay anything. Let me write click on this. So this is...

...the story. She knows. This is not new. But this is when I first realized that my mom and I were like and that my mom is a regular woman just like the rest of us that likes a little port of it out there. My little brother. He comes up to me, He's like, I want a mom's computer. And I accidentally the history and he said big black, like big. But to that, I'm like, Mom, you're friends. So Mom, what would you do if I became the only Fans creator? I mean, I'm not telling you what kind of content I would do. What how would you feel about them only Fans contugreator Hey Prime members? Listen to the Amazon Music exclusive podcast Baby. This is Kiki Palmer in the Amazon Music app down Love the app today found.

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