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Social media can truly make or break new music, but the social media gods are smiling down upon 17-year-old artist Gayle, and her song "ABCDEFU."

Gayle spouts off on the viral breakup anthem, how she hopes her ex will respond to her success, dealing with adverse reactions to her art, the real meaning behind her tattoos, touring, follow-up songs, dogs, and a cheesesteak story that foodies everywhere will appreciate.

It's always exciting to watch the rise of new, young, upandcoming artists, and in recent years we've had some incredibly talented names hit the music world who show no signs of stopping and continue to top the charts with little not sex. Billy Eilish and, more recently, Olivia Rodrigo, to name a few. The new generation of artists are showing that there's still more than enough room for creativity and originality in a world that often seems washed out by the same acts over and over again. And, most importantly, there's an ever growing audience hungry for something they can relate to, and the latest name to take the music world by storm is seventeen year old Gael forgay momaison a job by go down, come things to go. The singer Songwriter is originally from Dallas, Texas, where, as a child, she gained an interest in music that seemed far beyond her years and not typical to the genres you'd expect a seven year old girl to be interested in, with names like aretha Franklin and jazz vocalist Ella Fitzgerald becoming early inspirations. At the age of fourteen, the aspiring musician was taken under the wings of songwriter carried Dea Guardi, who you may know from her spot as a judge on American idol or some of the hits that she's helped write for names like seline Dion and Christina Aguilera. Gail spent the years since then growing as an artist and relocating to Nashville, Tennessee, where a world shut down by a global pandemic has given her the opportunity, you, to create songs and make a name for herself. She first caught the eyes and ears of many with her track dumb ass. So that dropped in early two thousand and twenty. How do those thing? What closure? My feelings and answering my closure. So I don't know to open to my boyfriend. In the same year she released Orange Peel, orange bill and happy for you. You Look, I'm happy for you, but I'm sad fus. The tracks showcase an impressive amount of musical diversity and lyrical vulnerability, especially coming from someone who is so young and, as with many teenagers, Gael as an avid poster on Tick Tock, where she has over eight hundredzero followers, and her hit single, Abcdefu is now the most popular song on the social media APP that has unexpectedly become the make or break place for new music downbody. But written with her longtime friend and frequent collaborator Sarah Davis, as well as David Pittinger, the bold, angsty breakup song based around her own experience released this past August, and traction was initially steady but slow when compared to where it is now, because over the past few months the song has simply blown up and it really began to take off while she was on her first ever tour with Wenette Coa Boling League, across the US this past November and December, and today it seems like you can't turn on the radio without hearing it. It's been topping numerous charts, including grabbing the number one spot on spotify's top songs. Globally, it has now spent over five weeks on the billboard hot one hundreds, and she just recently performed it on the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon, making her TV debut performing her global hit. ABCDEF you give it up for gas. So don't underestimate the power of a girl who's got stories to tell, because Gail has proven that, while still a teenager. She can write songs that people of all ages around the world can relate to and they be cdef you has truly become the official break up track to mini, and it seems like it has also reshaped how will view the alphabet for the rest of time. Now signs to Atlantic records, the same label as her idol, Aretha Franklin. This is just the beginning of what is sure to be an awesome career for the latest young talent to unexpectedly hit the music world full force. My name is Nick Major. This is the spout podcast, where famous people spout off about more than what they are...

...famous for, and my guest today is gail okay. I figured that the the best way to break the ice for this lovely conversation. I wanted to introduce you to Frankenstein. So this is this is my my dog, Frankie. I've come to find that we are both dog lovers, I believe. Is that correct? You have a little dog. Was Is that dog that I saw in your pocket? Your dog? I wish it was mine dog. It was actually my managers sisters dog. Funny Enough, I have a golden retriever Mutt, and her name is Simba and she is the cutest thing in the world, like she like the sweetest thing. She's a mania. Actually only likes the people who got her, because we rescued her when she was like three and we've had her for like two or three years from by now. And so, like she's just she's like a cuddly dog. She's like a midsize dog, and so she just like cuddles with everybody and gives them lots of love. And Yeah, and you just wrapped up your first tour, right, I did. I did so. So, first off, how was it being away from the dog? I imagine that might be the worst part of being on tour. Yeah, that was a nice thing about the tiny little puppy. Those in my pocket is because I got to see this dog when I was like on tour and then when Thatcca, actually the sound guy who was with them, toured with his dog. That's like less than a year old puppy. That's so good. So, what how was it? First Hour? It's done. You the world's opening up. Hit Me. Hit Me with what this whole thing was like. Oh my gosh. So, basically, I lived and well, okay, I was in a van for basically like almost every day. So we'd kind of like it kind of depends. We first set off in the West Coast and so started out and like the Colorado and then we went to Salt Lake City, Utah, and then we went to the details get a little fuzzy. So it's like we went to Seattle and that trip and then we also went to La and then we went to Airson Nona and then we went to San Diego. And I think that's all that I'm remembering. I might be one place that I forgot and like basically like my all. I went to Idaho One night because there's times where we need to like we drive like three hours after show, so would get to a hotel like three am. We'd wake up then like drive five hours there and later in the day then I do a show, maybe spend the night, wake up, drive six hours. You know, it just kind of whatever we had planned schedule wise. Yeah, there's one day we were in Idaho and I gotta say I walk with Idaho. I was only there like twelve hours. Okay, it was a great time. I had parkins and I talked to one person there and like it was a good vibe. I went to a gas station that would had like a potato themed section and I really okay, I'm going to Idaho. It's settled. I'm officially going to be going to idahos. So what was this potato theme section all about? It had potato like it everything to you cook like it was a cookbook with potatoes. There's a lot of that. They had playing cards that were like potato recipes on them. There's also like I definitely bought those pack of cards. It was like all the things you could do with potatoes and you it's like a playing game, like you can like play poker or whatever with it. Like one side has like the night or whatever, and then it's like a recipe of potatoes. And I will say I have a feeling we both love dogs and I think we both love food based off of I if you scroll through your socials, there's so much food. And Yeah, you, you have like a chart topping song right now. Whatever, big deal. But the I think the most impressive thing that you have ever done in your life, if it was true, was you ate four cheese steaks in one day. I eat more than for cheese steaks. Yo, I haven't been able to tell you. What? Okay, how go? Tell me, how do you do this? How do I make the room in my stomach to make this happen? Because I am impressed. Here's what happened. I'm dead ask going to give you the breakdown of the day that I had, played by play. Let's go. This was a week where it was like the most hectic week I ever had on tour.

Let's just say I went to New York three times in one week and at one point I literally went to New York, DC, Chicago, to New York, to Chicago to New York. was a fifteen hour drive. So and then I went to New York back to Philly and I was in Philly for a couple days and like I was so tired and I got one day off, so I slept in and when I sucked in, I woke up and I was like it's like zero am. I still want to get more sleep that. I look at my phone and it's thirty PM and I was like, Oh whoo, it's so like I lave bed for like thirty minutes. It's two PM. I wake up and I'm like, you know what, I'm going to cheese steak and so I did the like. Oh, what is it? It's like the two biggest, like cheese steak, like competitors. It's like do you like this one or this one? I forget their names. Oh, I'm out. Either way, it was time to compete to see which was going to come out on top. So, first of all, it was my first cheese stake ever. That's awesome. Maybe why I was a will you never? That's okay. That's where my face over standwich is all time. I thought we were about to like bond over the fact that we love cheese steaks, but there was your first of all. So you do now. You do now love cheese steaks. But what happened was I got handed cheese steak, I ate it and I was like this is really good, and then I ate the whole thing and that. But I ate it and like I timed myself. It was funny enough. I remember looking down before I ate it and it was four hundred and twenty and I laughed. I was like Ha, naturally, what better time than stuff your face with unbelievably unhealthy amounts of food? There was four hundred and twenty five and I finished my sandwich and I was like Huh Huh. And so then I walked across the street ordered another philly cheese steak, ate that also within like ten minutes. I go back to the hotel, I sleep for a little bit. We get another one. We go to a different place and I get one with provolone and Whiz, changing it up a bit, and then I eat both of those and then we get in. saw me a cookies afterwards and the person I'm with is gluten free, so she got her pack of blute free cookies, and then I ate well, whole box of of the cookies, like I ate all of them. We get back to the hotel. I eat a Klondyke bar because it's been a cup I remember, like I was like it's been a couple months since I had a Klondyke Bar, and so then I ate one because I was like why not? And then I've gotten mic and Ikes and I ate a lot of MIC and Ikes. We had a couple oreos. I ate a few Oreos, like I also had pins of Ben and Jerry's ice cream in the freezer, so I also ate some of that. I love your diet routine. I think it's incredible. The criticuls it's so much food. That day I was just like, you know what for cheese steaks, a box of cookies, a pint of ice cream, it's fine. I had a Klondike bar and I still ate more ice cream. I don't know how me neither. I'm shocked, but I'm impressed, and also your time about going to New York. By the way, congrats on that spotify billboard. That was like on the entire building. How sick is that to see that? What was that like? It was why, that's literally why I drove fifteen hours from Chicago to worth it as I found out about it, and I also found out it was going to only be up for like twenty four hours. Fun fact, that ended up actually being on longer, which was like amazing. I was like that's but yeah, we literally I was in Chicago. I did my show with Oneecca and it was like the second to last show and then most of the time I like stay and meet people and talk to people and all that, but I had to leave and so, like I literally we go, we drive five hours and so we get to the hotel at thirty am and then, because hotel, we sleep, we wake up in the morning and then we drive the rest and then we go to Jersey and then we like catch a train, go to pain station get the best slices of pizza ever. Like it was so got the pain station pizza. I'm here for your food adventures. This is now the main reason I care to follow you. Is. Yeah, the thing I love about touring is eating the foods that like, the places are like notorious for, like going to philly having a philly cheese steak, going to Boston having a Boston can...

...only, even going to Idaho and having potatoes and Idaho jenuinely brought me joy. Okay, I gotta talk about this song you put out. It's called Abcdefu and dude, it's so cool. So I'm out here in Los Angeles and like, I don't know what it must be like to just have a song on the radio all the time, but you have that now. Like yesterday I was driving to work, it came on. Last night I was hanging out with some friends. It came on while we were listening to the radio and I was like hold up, everybody, I'm interviewing her tomorrow. No big deal, let's respect the art, and they were all like Nick, we know the song. We've all heard this song. It's everywhere, and I was like, okay, yeah, but but still. So, what has that been like? Because it's so wild. It came out like back in August and just over the past few weeks it's just been growing and growing and growing. You have multiple versions of this song out. You did one with Ryan from royal in the serpent, who I adore. I was like that is so sick. But what has this journey been like to this song? It's just like topping all the charts during this lovely holiday season. Down thank you. Honestly, I've been yet I've yet to have the time to emotional process all of it. Like, yeah, social being a tour, like it started kind of doing well on tour, and that's like really the start of it when I just really like up leveled a little bit. And I even still feel uncomfortable saying it's up leveled, like even just acknowledging the fact that the song can maybe be considered successful. Like I still can't say the word hit next my song. I can't say the word viral next to my song, like I just can't accept it or anything yet. But you can, Oh yes, do it. No, like I don't even think I could be like my song by viral. Like no, it's say that, like that's weird. Like no, but like I it's I mean, obviously, like without being able to emotional process it, I can't help but feel like grateful, you know, like I can't I can't make anybody listen to my song. I can like put it in front of their face as much as I once say here, Click this, look at this, look at this, but like I can't make them listen to it, and I even more specifically, I can't make people like my song, you know, and so the fact that that has the possibility, like people liking my song really like means the world and like the whole point of ABC for me truly is like I wanted to give people a safe space to be angry, because I needed that and I didn't necessarily have that, and so because of that, it really like affected me in the long run and negative ways, and I think now it really is affecting positive ways. Now. I'd like learned my lessons and all that, but I just wanted to give people a space for them the process their emotions and be angry, and like the fact that, like ABC can possibly be that for people just like means the world to me, like that's everything I ever wanted for that song and that's happening and that's just crazy. It's like it's like the official Fu anthem now, and I just I love that because I feel like so many people have been able to relate to it and from what I've seen you say, it's just really cool that you finally decided the writing approach of this from a breakup that you went through that we've all been there before, and you finally kind of were able to take a step back at the reality of the situation put it down into words, and I always feel like the best form of success or of like revenge they say, is success. How does it feel like, after coming out of a relationship to then you put out a song that is currently, as we speak, just blowing up in what an Fu that is to said person in the song who inspired you to write this? It's like one of those things where I know that he could I think it honestly, genuinely, is impossible for him to be happy for me and like yeah, he I honestly, I wouldn't know. We haven't talked to each other we haven't reached out. I don't even know if he knows it's about him. He may or may not, you know, like maybe, maybe, but...

...like the biggest thing is, like I know that he could like never be happy and he probably would just shit talk the song and say that it isn't great. And, like, you know, none of this was never to have my revenge on him. Were like this, yeah, like revenge fantasy, and I never really thought and even though the song is like about him, I never thought about him when releasing it. You know, I cared love. Sorry this came. I don't know, I could care less if he's hurted or not, because that wasn't about him. It was about me taking ownership of my feelings and the things that he did, holding him accountable for its actions. But none of that was to like for him. It was all for me. You know, it's so none of it is like rooted in this place of like I finally have my success because I could prove him wrong, because even if I was a billionaire and could fly and had a unicorn horn or something crazy off some like that, he still would never say he's proud of me or happy for me or my accomplishments, you know, and so like that, none of that matters, I guess, which is the way that you look at it. And now you kind of have like so many more eyes on you, and I don't know if it's more pressure for you or not, but it seems like you're pretty confident in yourself and not letting negative things affect you in a bad way, or maybe even positive things affect you too much in a way. But how is it being in this world now where so many people are going to be potentially scrutinizing you, praising you everything in between? Is that intimidating? Oh for sure. I mean also, like I can definitely, I've heard the phrase, like I'm a confident person, but I'm also like insecure a shot, and I'm a seven year old girl, like I'm. There's time, just crazy, you are a baby, like yeah, I am. I'm not going to be the same person I am when I'm thirty or when I'm twenty five or probably when I'm twenty two, and like I'm going to be constantly growing and changing as a person and like my biggest goal for myself often like it's just to not stop growing as a person, like not in the biggest lesson that I've learned just in my life is to not let anybody, others of anybody else's opinion or actions like affect you as a person and like what you want to do and what makes you happy. And so those are just like the goals I try and like tell myself of, like, okay, this person, I hate this, but like what do you want? What do you want to do, what do you like? What brings you joy, you know, like what do you want to inspire in other people and how can you maybe do that? You know, and obviously it is so much easier to say that than to do that, and it's so much in like there's so many people on the Internet who have nothing better than do other than a twist your words and make you seem like a terrible person or take this thing that you love to do in this world and make you feel like shit about it, you know, and there's nothing you can do because those people literally have nothing better to do, and so they will be there for you constantly. They will always be there. In those types of people always be there. But for me personally, I just try and focus on the people that like the point of me making music in the point of me really see music because, yeah, I just say for you to my ex sure, but also, like it's more than that. It's about owning your emotions and allowing yourself to feel angry, because I didn't know that, like I was holding so much back and I didn't know all holding back my anger would make me angrier in the long run. And it's different for other people, you know, everybody has their own personal feelings and different experiences and relationships. But if I can like help one person just let themselves feel and let themselves feel angry and like process their emotions, like I've done what I need to do in this world. You know, it's all I'm trying to do is like make people more comfortable with themselves and also just like make music. And Yeah,...

I'm just trying to slowly maybe try and make the world a more open and accepting place, and I don't think it's just me that's trying to do that too. I'm very excited to see, within the next five to ten years, the progress and change that we are going to make as a society. You know, a lot of people are trying to push us, a lot of people are trying to push us back, but also a lot of people are trying to push forward at the same time, and I think if we all just listen and try and push for change, something can actually like amazing can happen. So yeah, and I think it's great that you've found that a great release for you is through writing the lyrics of stuff you're going through. Rather than bottling it up or holding it in, you're just kind of being blunt about stuff, putting it out there in a way that resonates with people, and that's awesome. And you, we said that you're seventeen, so you are so little, but I see you somehow and nangled your way into getting a tattoo. Missy, what is going on here? You you got the ink on the arm. Your tatted up. Girl. I think I got it out here in La. What's the tap first off, okay, so this one it's this is like okay, so when you like, I'm trying to figure out a way to show you with that also showing my mess, you know. So let if you go this way, it's like a frowny face, but if you go this way it's a smiley face. It all true, very true, and did well there a second tattoo on your arm. Now there is, there is, she's lost it, she's going crazy. She is getting a sleeve one day. That's the goal I'm working for. But this is a an orange slice. But one thing I really like about this is that you don't know if it's an orange, lemon or lime slice, and I'm trying to like create a personal like pro like a psychology profile for what every person thinks. Like. I just want to know if there's like consistencies and people's personalities if they think it's a line, if there's consistencies and people's personalities that they think it's a lemon or if it's an orange. Like I just want to know if there's like any similarities or if it's just super random. Will based off of your song catalogs, I'd assume it's an orange peel, but that that would just be me. But I'm also I'm working on a sleeve myself that I just started in Oh good, I started it in October and I'm finishing it next week. But I feel you, because tat who's are awesome. So we're going to be tatted up, we're going to be looking great and two thousand and twenty two is coming up. It's a fresh year where you've hit two thousand and twenty one, and even two thousand and twenty. You started putting out a bunch of great songs that started taking off more and more until we're here now. What do you got planned for the New Year? If I get my shot together, I'm going to release a song next month. Oh and I believe I read it's a love song with some profanity in the title. Is that correct? That's originally what it was, but then I changed my mind. Oh, it is a song called change my mind. Wait, no, I like that though. Change my mind anyways. Uh, we're going to save that for a future song, guys, and you heard it right here. To break through a moment right now now, that song is definitely to see the light of day. That's a point. I actually have some really exciting things about that song. That's going to happen at some point, but not anytime soon, but at some point, and that's awesome. I can say about that one. But this one that's going to be coming out, it's definitely saying kind of in the angry emotion. It's not particularly about a relationship. It's I mean it's about a relationship and a friendship sense. Yeah, and like it. It's a friendship that went really right until it went really wrong. So well, it's I love hearing that you're using this writing outlet for your personal experiences. You've proven time and time again now that it's a form of art for you and it's exciting to to see what you are bringing out with and I'm hoping there's going to be more tours next year, obviously, and I guess, though, for then, I really appreciate you chatting. I love the track and that all the variations of it are so fun, especially the angrier one. I'm a pop punk guy, so I just...

...love guitars and it's such a fun guitar driven version. But then, like I said earlier, the royal in the serpent version, I was thrilled to hear that. I want to hear you jump on overwhelmed now because I saw the acoustic version. You did take tock of it and I was like this is killer, let's put her on this track now. Get over I'm so easily my anxiety cleeves inside of me, makes it out of b what comes over me this like of somebody so I'm sure there's plenty of time for all that to happen, but huge congrats on the Atlantic sign. I know I read the Franklin was is an idol of yours. So what about full circle moment? I'm sure that was but other than that, congrats on all these success I can't wait to hear all the new stuff that's coming out and I'm going to catch your show next time you're out here in La. I can't wait. You're going to be tatted up and sleeved up by then, but I hope that thing fell again on you and but gail, thank you for chatting. Stay positive, take care of yourself and thanks for chatting, Dude. Thank you, thank you for carrying. I appreciate it.

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