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Charlie Puth


Landing multiple songs at the top of the Billboard charts is no small feat, yet singer, songwriter, and producer Charlie Puth seems to do it with ease. From his record-shattering songs "See You Again," "Attention," and "We Don't Talk Anymore,” to being a co-creator on The Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber's smash "Stay," Charlie is a certified hitmaker.

Over the past year, Charlie Puth has pulled down the curtain on TikTok revealing who he is as a creator, person, and artist, all while amassing an impressive 15 million followers.

In this episode of the Spout Podcast, Charlie reveals the lessons learned from rejection, why believing in yourself is a superpower, the reason he'll never make music the same way again, his social media ‘secret sauce,’ and more.

Landing multiple songs at the top of the billboard charts is no small feet, and yet singer, songwriter and producer Charlie pooth seems to do it with such ease, whether it was lending his talents to the record chattering song see you again, with Whiz Khalipa. It's been without you, my friend, and I'll tell you about it when we've come on, or his smash hit, we don't talk anymore, featuring Selina go Metz. It's important to note that Charlie isn't just an accomplished vocalist, but often lends a songwriting and producing skills to other record breaking songs like the Kidlroy and Justin beever stay, which became the longest leading number one ever on billboards pop airplay charts. It's an undeniable fact, but Charlie Pooth is a certified hit maker and over the past year he has pulled down the curtain to show his fans how he makes his songs by documenting the process on this tick tock, which now boasts over fifteen million followers, because now famous videos start with him saying what if there was a song that's started off like boo boo boo boo, boo, boo, Boo Boop, and the base went like boomt boomt Boodoo and the drums would go like and then he continues to build the song. There's something missing. There should be like a weird sound effect, just a random noise or something like that. Let's from this light Oh my God, until he has a new track all based off the flick of a light switch. Here's the light switch sound. So this is actually kind of dope. I'm freaking out right now, which officially is now his new single. Get to switch. As light switch starts burning its way up the charts, we got the chance to talk with the superstar about building his entire upcoming album on tick tock, the lessons you learn through rejection and how to build your social media through your passion. I'm your host, Tamordia, and this is the spell podcast, where famous people speunt off about more than what they're famous for, and today that's Charlie...

Pooh. Charlie Pooh, what's up? How are you today? I'm good. How are you doing? I'm great. Thank you. I'm excited to talk to you because I've been hearing, obviously, snippets of your song light switch on Tick Tock, which I feel like for a while now, and we've been patiently waiting for this song to actually drop right and I said definitely can't. People waiting five months. I'm sorry about that. Yeah, exactly. You know, there's like a whole group of people on Tick Tock and twitter that are like at this point, they're so like, like I think they're starting a club which is just waiting for this song, because we've been watching you make it on Tick Tock, which has been so cool, and I love that you made it just from the sound of flicking the light switch. No, that's that's a true story. There's something missing. There should be like a weird sound effect, just a random noise or something like that les from this light one. Oh my God, to me, this is actually kind of dope. I'm freaking out right now. Is it really true? Because, like you know, sometimes we're like, is he doing this just for us, just because he knows that we'll like this, or did you really truly do that? It's doing this was because he knows we'll like this. He has please flip a switch and make it into a song. No, well, I'll tell you. I am originally the song was going to be I wish, because my mind is constantly running through with musical thoughts and I thought to myself, I wish I could just turn my mind off with a flip of a switch. And it was just really like sad, depressing song and like no one's gonna want to hear this. They want to dance. Let's make the song really fast. So I turned the tempo up like crazy and it's just it all can and then I turned on Tick Tock and kind of made the song in real time and wasn't necessarily looking for feedback, but I just wanted to kind of be in the vibe and feel like I was in the studio with people. What if there was a song that started off like Boo Boo boo, boo, boo, boo, boo, Boo boop and the base went like boomt boomt boodoot. It's I never thought this many people wouuld care about my musical process and like I thought that stuff was always boring to people, but apparently you love it as well now I do. I mean, I think for people like me, I love music so much but I have no idea how to make it right. So when we're seeing the process of how you know, obviously your brain works definitely than ours does, because it's a supreme talent that you have. So when we can see kind of like how it works for you, I think that's so cool for us. I just all I want to do and I got a tick tock originally because there's so many crazy things on the internet. It's nice to be inspired. I feel like that's a very small percentage of things that happen on the Internet. You're never really inspired when you're browsing on Tick Tock. Maybe you are now a day's more, but I doubt when you go visit my page. I definitely want you to be musically inspired, and that's I now have a completely different fan bases in comparison to four years ago. I never thought that I would have this much anticipation for I'm, a song...

...of mine's a really great feeling. Yeah, I mean it's we're like, I'm part of the group that's really excited to hear the full track. Is this process for you here to stay now, in terms of showing the INS and outs of the songwriting process to your yeah, always. I originally got the idea because I when I made stay for beaver and the KID Lele Roy as good as I couldn't believe when we were making the song that Leroy took out his phone and started filming the creation like the we literally just wrote the the chorus and he's filming it on Instagram live. I'm man, you should let us produce it out a little bit more before you show it to your fans, and he was like no, the new thing is showing it to them early on. And I was really inspired by that senseiment and thought to myself, how can I do that with like what I do? And I just don't want to like play a song for people early. I want them to feel like they wrote it with me. So I show them, you know, this is there's a cow bell in here and this is how I made the high hat and a lot of different things that you can do right. So the Kid le Roy kind of inspired you to start doing that on tick tock, like showing the process. Well, I wanted to always. I've always wanted to show the process of like how I make a song. Larroy inspired me to not be so precious a about your music and like holding onto it and waiting until it's ready, just make a song and then just show, you know, what you wrote and then millions of people could end up seeing it and could they'll feel like they wrote it with you. Yeah, which it does kind of feel like that, which I love. You also mentioned that. You know, obviously, like you helped write that song, a huge hit for beaver and the kid Le Roy, and you recently posted on your tick tock that you also wrote trey songs, as Song Slow Motion, I did, which I don't think a lot of people knew. Yeah, I mean, do you think a lot of people knew that, because I I was kind of shot by that. All right, don't think a lot of people knew that because I was early on in my career when I made that. I was twenty three when I made that and it's it's a very random song that you'd never think that I would make that. But there's a lot of songs that people don't know that I that I wrote. But like sometimes, you know, I just sometimes it's not even about me. I just it's more about the artist that it was written for and or written with and about their vibe and their the artistic vision, and I kind of just I don't want. You know, if I'm involved with a song for my presence and a songs who potentially overshadow someone's artistic work. If I'm working with Adell, no one's going to care, but because she's a Dell.

But you know what I mean. Yeah, don't you mean? Well, what about? What other songs did you write that we may not know about? I think because it's so fun. It's like a fun little like nugget of Charlie pooth musical history. You know I mean, I've written, I've written songs for I mean, you know who. Jason Darrula was actually the first person, first artist, to really give me a songwriting chance. Like he took me into rooms. This was back in two thousand and fourteen. You know, it's just I can't, of course, like it's when you're asked to like name a bunch of songs, you can think of none of them, but just google, Google the list it. I assure you was there and I've had a great pleasure of like working with so many talented artists. Yeah, no, that's amazing and I also kind of want to go back to your instagram really quickly because I feel like you artist when you wipe it clean and you, you know, start to tease something. It's not usually just for a single. It's usually perhaps maybe that means an album is coming. So, Charlie, but what can you tell me? Give me the good oh my gosh. Well, I will tell the album's done. I'm I'm mixing it right now. I've made the album on tick tock and it's a very unusual way to approach it, but you get to fill people in on your musical process and turn inspire them as well. So I'll get in trouble if I say a date and it doesn't happen. I have been teasing lights which for five months and I was going to put it out in October and then November and December and it's now January. But it's finally coming out, so that's good. So I don't want to get in trouble, but there will be an album. Well, I do not want to get you in trouble either, but can you give us maybe an album named? You have that yet? I don't want to reveal that yet, but you'll like it. It's very I will say this. The album is the most most of my personality has not been interwoven in an album of mine, but this is I'm almost telling the truth too much, like I'm I'll get in this next body work. It's my personality with some melody on top of it. So you'll like it, hopefully nice. I can't wait. You actually shared a snippet of a song which I really loved. Back on your tick tock in December. You are driving in a car. You the lyrics were, I think the end of it was. Yeah, you know, I pray for that. Pray for that. Oh, you smells like me. Yeah, that's going to be a good one. I'm really excited for people to hear you know, my whole goal for e really like my thank you by my whole goal for this album is for people to know every song title the moment it drops, because I want them to have a relationship with every song, kind of like the anti artist a little bit, where artists are just, you know, very secretive. I almost share too much. The New Year is a great time to focus on what's most important to you,...

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...other way. I don't care if I get made fun of. I like being a musical Dork. Well, I think you're also inspiring because, I mean, like I said before, you know I'm not like a musically inclined person in terms of creating it, but I listen to it and now I'll hear something I'd be like from I wonder what Charlie would do with this noise. That's then we've won. That's all. I just want to inspire, like you said, I feel like when it comes to social media, you just kind of get it. Not all the time don't, but I try to write. I mean, you do it in many ways, you know, like you're connecting with a very big audience, which a lot of people don't actually have that inclination and talent to do. So, if you were to give someone a tip about how to maybe start their journey on a platform like tick tock, what would be your advice? Don't pretend to be anybody else. Just make your personality musical. That's it. That's how you stand out from it. Don't don't try and make a song like that's popping right now. Just make whatever your mine wants you to go nice. I would definitely stay away from making music, but that's just me. You can do it well. I I like how you are really good about responding to your fans on Tick Tock and even go out of your way to show encouragement to other people on the platform. Recently, a young tick tock or named Axel Weber went viral after he was sharing his journey of getting declined from juilliard, and you made a video response and kind of gave him some encouragement and even share that you were rejected from not only juilliard but other schools, and America's got talent. I was now we're gonna have to find a different way to be an actor. Hello, actual, I replied to your video, but I figured I do a video message as well. Not only did I not get into juilliard, but I didn't get into five of these prestigious schools that I wanted to get into that I thought could better my career. A prestigious conservatory for the arts is not going to be the thing that defines your career as an actor and, as hard as it is to swallow in the moment, it's the thing that pushes you further creatively. It pushes my music, it's going to push your acting as well. So you, actual do not need to worry at all. My message to actual was not only to just him. It's kind of a blanket statement to everybody, because I knew a lot of people would watch that. It's that rejection sometimes can be a beautiful thing. You don't know. It could take you on a row that you wouldn't have traveled to get to a destination that you didn't even know it existed. So it's nothing to be I mean, yes, of course you're going to be naturally upset, but eventually you're going to get over it and then life is going to that's not the thing that's going to define your career and that's just the mess in the main message that I wanted to drive across. Yeah, one of my favorite quotes is rejection is just God's redirection. I'm probably messing now a loving like. I like it. I like that. I mean you did mention, obviously, rejection, which is, you know, not only a big part of the entertainment business but also just life in...

...general. What's the biggest lesson you've learned from your the rejections that you face in your life? But there's always something else. There's always a way to there's a there's always a different tempo that you can make a song and there's always a different song to write. There's always new people to meet. Rejection isn't the end of the road, done forever, pack your bags, give up. It's actually an invitation to start something completely now nice. I like that. I'm sure axel was so grateful to get those words of encouragement from you. Know, someone in your position. Has Anyone that you've admired kind of stepped in along your journey and given you advice or encouragement along the way. Well, I mean, of course I got to work with Elton John and he's become a very close friend of mine and he's always giving writing the emails, giving me advice and he's just a wonder if. I've gotten to know his family, gotten very close with his family. He's absolutely wonderful. So you know, Elton is not a bad person to get advice from. Yeah, I would agree. Is there anything, off the top of your head, you can think of that Elton has said to you that's kind of stayed with you through your career? It's the same thing that I said to you. That's where I stole it from. Yeah, I love that. Well, outside of music, what else are you passionate about? Cars, I love I know everything about cars. I love cars, everything about them, not old, old cars, but cars of the modern era, let's say. I liked I like cars. Is there a specific car right now that you have your eye on that you're trying to get? Now? I'm not going to say because I don't want people. People tend to follow me and like I don't want to I don't want anyone know what I'm driving. Yes, a safety thing. It's very, very good. First he as normals don't think about that. No, I'm normal too, though. That's the whole thing. I don't want to that's the whole thing. I want to dry. I am a normal person and all I do is just try. I'm not above or below anybody. We're all on the same equal playing field. We all just have different passions and that's the only message that I want to drive on Tick Tock and on anything and men through my music. Yeah, you know, obviously with the pandemic, touring has been kind of put on hold and many capacities. But obviously, you know, with light switch coming out and then potentially this new album coming out soon, do you is there any tour plans for you? Yeah, of course, I mean it's it. We're going to wait for the world to calm down just a little bit, but I've obviously the goal is to tour be around real people. All these Internet accolades are great, but nothing like being in front of real people. Yeah, one hundred percent, and obviously we know you spend a lot of time in the studio, but you know that you are you know, a normal person? Are there any shows that you're binge watching? Like, are you like all of us on Sunday night, sitting down and watching you for you, Oh, I love you for I haven't seen the second episode yet, but I know a lot of the people on that show good, really good friends with the like Jacob and I've gotten to know it's kind of interesting getting to know people and seeing them on a TV show. I don't watch a lot of TV shows, but you forget that. They're like, wow, you're a really good actor. You're very convincing right now. It's nice when your friends are talented right. Good have talented friends.

Awesome. What thank you so much, Charlie. Was So nice talking to you and I'm excited to, you know, hear the rest of light switch and hear your new album. Hopefully soon you'll get to hear. You'll be one of the first. Yeah, can't wait to see more of our conversation with Charlie booth follows spout underscore podcast on ig or twitter or it's spout podcastcom next week Benson Boone spouts off. I just want to get a little little credit for that back from them, but I've been doing this since I was a kid. My Dad that would be like his party trick and like Family Barn mcues, but I just grew up watching him and obviously like he's my hero. So when I was little I wanted to try it and I did and ever since, like I just do it everywhere. This spout podcast is presented by Alpha media and created by Phil Becker. Spout.

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