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Britney Spears "Blackout"


In the mid-2000s, few people were more famous than Britney Spears. But as she began to stumble in her personal life, the price of the public’s fascination was more than just a few nasty late-night jokes. But when you’re a platinum-selling pop princess, the show goes on even when you desperately need an intermission. In the midst of the madness, Spears began recording an album that would become her defining statement, 2007’s Blackout. 

Collaborators and friends, from the A&R rep who was one of Spears’ closest allies to the producers who crafted visceral hits like “Piece of Me,” tell the story of how Spears’ made classic songs in the eye of a hurricane. The result was an album that stood as a middle finger to Spears’ critics and established a dark, danceable sound that influenced pop for years to come. 

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...stumble in her personal life, you know, the price of that public fascination turned out to be a lot more than just a simple but of a joke. On a late night show, paparazzi quite literally swarmed her car whenever she was leaving a restaurant, a nightclub, a concert just trying to live her life. And before long, she turned into a full on punching bag for the press. We will turn now to a story that is burning up the Internet. It's burning up Water cooler talk is just burning this morning. Yes, Britney Spears cheese ball. We've got this photo now. From the x 17 online dot com. It appears to show the pop star shaving her own head. Now that would be hard enough for anyone to endure. But when you are a pop princess on the cover of every magazine at the top of every chart that show needs to go on. There is no...

...intermission. There's no break. There's no mental time to take off, especially during that time when mental health wasn't at the forefront of our daily lives. And in the midst of all of this, Britney began recording an album that would become her defining statement. That album was 2007 blackout. The you can do days or even weeks of research to figure out exactly what went down. Or you could just check out Rolling Stone's 500 greatest albums as they revisit the pivotal moment that was blackouts. What went into it? The creation of it and beyond with what went down with Britney Spears, collaborators and friends from the A and R rep, who was one of Britain's closest allies to the producers who meticulously crafted visceral hits like Piece of Meat all come together to tell the story of how Britney made classic...

...songs that still live on the pop charts today in The Eye of a Hurricane. The result. Being an album that stood as a middle finger to all of her critics and established a dark, danceable sound that infused pop for years to come. Here, this story of Blackout and other classic records for everyone, for Secura to David Bowie, the Beatles, the Dolly Parton, all of it in Season two of Rolling Stone's 500 greatest albums in Amazon Original podcast. You sure to tune in on Amazon music, listen to Rolling Stone 500 at wondering dot FM slash rs 500 Underscore spout. Now with all that said. Here's a little sneak peek of what you can expect in Rolling Stone's 500 greatest albums revisiting Blackout while you're listening. To be sure to follow Rolling Stone's 500 greatest albums on Amazon music on that famous line from the single Give Me More that opens blackout. Britney Bitch.

It was an off the cuff moment in the studio. I don't know what was going on in the room. Gym Beans was cutting all her vocals. I don't know. She just said it like you know, it's Britney bit. I don't know if she just said it, and then Jim Beans was like, No, no, no, you got to say that. So he got her to say it at the top of the song. Either She said it and we moved it there. But either way we got her to say it. I think that embodies the whole energy of Black that lets you know where her kind of her head space and she was willing to go as far as far as she wanted to go. Danger had been working on music for American Idol winner Fantasia when he dreamt up the iconic bassline from Gimme more And I came up with that Boom, Doom, Doom, Doom, Doom, Doom, Doom, Doom! And I was like, Oh, my God, I just kind of saved it real quick and just put it to the side When we got back in the studio, that was one of the...

...first beats I played and jumping And Kari Hilson was in the room and they just went at it. Brittany went nuts, dancing all over the place, and we cut that record. But it was I'm saying all that to say, I know how I felt when I heard that baseline and that beat, you know, as a creative sometimes you get, you can drink it on Kool Aid. But I just felt like this is it. It's something as simple as this. This is it.

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